Cassandra and Joseph

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How We Met

I went to Alive After 5 with some friends one Thursday night. While at Rooftop 210, one of my friends pointed out a security guard working that she thought was cute. I approached him in an attempt to hook the two of them up. I introduced them and later went back to him to see what he thought of her. When I went to talk to him again, another security guard was sitting there. I introduced myself to him and asked for his name. He responded “Joe.” We exchanged a few words and then my friends and I went to another bar.

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Two nights (Saturday) later I saw Joe working again at Rooftop 210. I spent the next hour talking his ear off waiting for him to make some kind of move. When he didn’t, I finally said “are you going to ask for my number or what?!” He gave me his phone and I entered my number. The next day he asked me out on a date. He picked me up and took me to Texas Roadhouse.

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how they asked

Joseph and I had always talked about getting married and knew that it was the next step in our relationship. My sister was getting married in October of 2017 and she coined it “her year”. With that being said, I knew an engagement was off the table until after her wedding. In September of 2017, Joseph made plans to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.

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He took me to a vineyard outside of Charlotte, where we toured the grounds. We had a private wine tasting with chocolates. Afterwards, we took a walk through the vineyards. It was fairly warm for September and I remember halfway through the walk I could feel Joseph’s heart racing. I assumed the heat was getting to him. He asked to stop and I was so worried something was wrong with him. He got down on one knee, grabbed my hands and asked “Will you marry me?” I laughed assuming he was just joking, until I felt the ring in his hands. Of course I said “yes!”

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My follow up question was “does anybody else know?” (mind you, this is a month before my sister wedding) He had asked my fathers permission, and had planned for my family, his family and our closest friends to meet us back in Charlotte at a wine bar to celebrate our engagement! I couldn’t believe how big of a secret everyone was able to keep from me!

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