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How We Met

Jared and I met at our college residence in Ottawa in September 2008. I still remember the first day when we had orientation, we were in this huge gym with thousands of students and I turned to my best friend (and roommate) and said “I call dibs on that guy” pointing at this guy I honestly figured I would never see again. The following night, as we were playing drinking games in our res room, there was a knock on our door – it was THAT guy. Turns out Jared actually lived just three doors up from our room! We ended up becoming the best of friends, spent many many hours together and started officially dating in March 2009.

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how they asked

I feel like I have to start off this story with the fact that I am OBSESSED with the TV show Friends. I have watched the entire series over and over and over again and continue to watch it daily (it is currently on the TV as I type this). I can pretty much recite every episode. In the early stages of our relationship, I told Jared it was a must for him to watch the entire 10 seasons because I A) make Friends references several times a day and B) if he hated Friends it just wasn’t going to work out :p. Luckily he did and loved it almost as much as I do.

In October 2016, Jared’s sister was getting married in Vegas so we decided to cross California off our bucket list and take a trip there first. The second that I knew we were going there I instantly put “Warner Bros Tour” on our list of must see’s while we were there because they still have the set of Central Perk from Friends and you can actually sit on the famous orange couch. Also on our list was San Diego Zoo and a few others up the coast so we decided to start in San Diego and work our way up, leaving Hollywood near the end.

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We arrived at Warner Bros and as we walked up to the building we realized that there was a metal detector with security that we had to go through first, naturally because there are stars all over the set. Jared, realizing that pockets had to be emptied, instantly said “I forgot my phone in the car!” and ran away. Lucky for him I didn’t catch on, actually thought he forgot his phone, and decided to go in ahead of him to go to the bathroom. Little did I know, he had a ring. I text him to say so and he instantly ran back to sneak the ring through before I came out.

We then had about an hour tour beforehand, seeing all the other sites with the Friends set being last. The whole time I was shaking and anxious because I was beyond excited and nervous to go on the set (like I said, obsessed). Every time I said “I am sooo nervous!” Jared would quickly reply “meee toooo” haha poor guy.

We arrived at the building where Central Perk was, both of us shaking. I just remember seeing the walls have pictures of all the Friends characters and could hear “I’ll Be There For You” theme song playing in the distance and I knew we were close. We walked around the corner and there it was! I just stared in awe. We waited in a bit of a line to go up to the couch and finally did. There is a Warner Bros staff member who stands there to take your picture on the couch so we handed her my phone. She took a few different angles of us and as she went to hand back my phone Jared said “Can you actually take one more?”

He got down on one knee, right there on my favourite orange couch that I stare at on the TV screen everyday, and asked me to marry him. All I remember is hearing cheering from the crowd that had developed around us and the theme song still playing in the background. It was perfect. The staff member had obviously realized what was about to happen and actually caught a video of the end of it which I will forever be grateful for. Amazing.

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It was by far the most perfect proposal that he could have ever done. He said he wanted Friends to always be a big part of my life because it is so important to me. Now when I watch it every night I get butterflies. Not sure how long that will last, but I hope it does for a while!

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