Cassandra and Eddie

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

How We Met

Our story began at the start of Fall 2012. I was running late to class and Eddie happened to be sitting next to the only student I recognized there at the time. Eddie is a year older but we ended up in the same computer class that semester. One day my friend was out sick and Eddie decided to sit in their seat next to me instead; let’s just say that once we started talking, we never stopped. On my way home from school one day, I saw Eddie walking to his apartment building that happened to be right next to my own. The next day we realized we were neighbors. Because we lived so close, the amount of time we spent together quickly grew. We talked on the phone for hours and spent every day after school and most weekends together. We connected on every level and became inseparable. Best friends bloomed into something deeper and this young love became more than the average high school relationship. As time passed we became one another’s rock and support system in every way-there was nothing we could not conquer. Obstacles came and went but nothing deterred what we had built. Through the rise of college, relocations, job opportunities, family changes, and other shifts of life we made the decision to grow together. We knew what we had was a once in a life time love. Eddie and I motivate each other to always be the best version of ourselves have gone on countless adventures. We grew up together in all aspects and experienced the most amazing and the hardest parts of life together. He’s my other half.

how they asked

It was Eddie’s 21st birthday and of course we had to do something to celebrate. Unfortunately we both worked that night but still tried to fit in a nice dinner. After we got ready and left the house Eddie surprisingly pulled into the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens which I told him I wanted to go to the week before. We walked around and eventually passed a small bridge over a pond surrounded by flowers and other greenery. I kept walking to finish the path but as I took another step he grabbed my arm to turn me around; when I looked he was down on one knee. I felt like I waited forever for this moment.

Proposal Ideas Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

He told me that I am the love of his life and his whole world before saying “Cassandra Rose Hensley, Will you marry me?”. Of course my answer was yes before he slid the ring on my left hand. After tears and a kiss a photographer came out and asked if he had to hide anymore. Eddie hired a photographer who captured the whole thing. It felt like we were walking on a cloud after that, completely elated.