Cassandra and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met in Nags Head, North Carolina over Memorial Day weekend in 2015. I was there for a girl’s weekend with my roommate Beth and he was visiting his childhood friends William and Austin. Daniel had just moved to Charlotte from Chicago in March and decided to head to the beach for a long weekend. Little did we know that this weekend would change the rest of our lives!


Daniel had just started his new role as a trader for Bank of America in Charlotte and I was trying to survive my first year of teaching kindergarten in Raleigh. Needless to say, neither of us was expecting to meet the person we would be spending the rest of our lives with! Even though Daniel had noticed me at a local pier Friday night, we did not actually meet until Saturday night. After spending Saturday on the beach, Beth and I decided to check out a band at a local brewery and this is where I met Daniel for the first time. Daniel is a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan and he was watching them play in a playoff game when I sat next to him. After a few moments, he turned to me and asked if I liked hockey, to which I responded, “No, but I like the Penguins.” I grew up in Western Pennsylvania where it is definitely Penguins and Steelers country. We began chatting after that and at the end of the night, Daniel asked for my number. The following evening, we bumped into each other again (completely unplanned) and it was then that we both realized we had met someone very special. The following weekend, he drove three hours from Charlotte to Raleigh to take me out on a date and that night we decided to dive headfirst into a long-distance relationship!

how they asked

Daniel and I knew from week one that we were meant to be together. I always told Daniel that I wanted a surprise proposal but I was not sure if it could be pulled off. Boy, was I wrong! Nags Head has always been a very special place to me – I spent a lot of time at my parent’s beach house there when I was growing up and it is where I met Daniel. After spending two weeks in Nags Head in late-June and early-July, I wanted to spend Labor Day weekend there to cap off an amazing summer! Daniel agreed and we booked an inn for the weekend. Labor Day was quickly approaching – and so was hurricane Hermine. I kept an eye on the weather all week and was starting to get upset that I may not get to spend Labor Day at the beach. Daniel, however, was optimistic that we would get there.


We left from his parent’s house in Greensboro early Saturday morning excited that the storm had passed and our trip would continue. As we were driving toward the coast, the winds began to pick up and we noticed a lot of debris on the roads. Eventually, we were stopped by highway safety about 30 miles from Nags Head due to high cross winds on two bridges that led to the Outer Banks. We started to lose hope and came up with a second plan for the weekend when suddenly the bridges were cleared for us to cross. That night, we met up with Daniel’s friend William for dinner and felt so relieved to finally be there.


The following morning, Daniel and I went to church and came out to a beautiful, cloudless (albeit windy) day and decided to grab a quick bite to eat and spend the day relaxing by the pool. We had evening plans to visit with William and Austin at the pier and to grab dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. As we were driving to the pier, Daniel had mentioned that my parents wanted us to check on the houses for any signs of damage. I reluctantly agreed since we were already running late. After driving past both houses (thankfully everything was fine), I expected us to turn around and head to the pier. Instead, Daniel said he wanted to take a quick “detour” to the Bodie Island Lighthouse. Little did I know, this detour was in fact a meticulously planned event. As we drove up to the lighthouse, the sun was setting and it was absolutely beautiful. We walked along a wood pathway and I asked Daniel where we were going and he said that there was a gazebo at the end of the pathway. I started to get suspicious because I knew he had never been to the lighthouse before but figured he may have researched it earlier in the day. As we were walking up to the gazebo, I noticed that there were red roses on the walkway and in the gazebo. I immediately burst into tears and asked Dan if this was for us. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said yes. After saying some very beautiful words about us and our relationship, he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! But no sooner after I said yes, I heard footsteps on the walkway and I turned around and saw William, Austin and their roommate Shane who just happens to be a photographer.


I immediately realized that we were never going to meet them at the pier. Instead, they had been at the lighthouse setting up the flowers, clearing the tourists from the walkway and the gazebo and even chasing off a rattlesnake! Shane snapped some beautiful pictures of us on the gazebo (plus he had captured THE moment) and I shakily walked back to the car and face timed my parents and sister. They had known about the proposal because Daniel had called them earlier in the week.


As we arrived at the pier, I found out that Beth was in nearby Rehoboth and would be coming to celebrate! It was a perfect ending to the most wonderful day. Daniel and I truly balance each other out and I cannot wait to be his wife!



Special Thanks

Shane Z Moore
Proposal Photographer
Kate Marcus
Engagement and Wedding Photographer