Cassandra and Daniel - a Disney Proposal!

How We Met: I was a receptionist at a preschool and Daniel was an aide on the elementary side of the school, and was one of my good friend’s younger brother (but we’re still the same age.)! Ok so! Daniel had to walk into my office everyday to clock in and out. We talked for about a year off and on, but nothing serious until July 4th of 2005 – he had finally asked me out, and man were there FIREWORKS! From there on we hit it off, and between the 4th of July and Halloween we became best friends and officially in a relationship! Those were good times….oh to be 19 again….

how they asked: Fast forward three years later…It was the ┬áChristmas season and my love was coming home from school in Arizona. He had left to go to school there just about six months before. So we were missing each other like crazy! Because he was only in town for about two weeks, he had decided to take me to Disneyland the day after Christmas. I was so exited! If there is one thing you need to know about me, its that I’m like a Disney-holic – so the fact that we were going for Christmas before he went back to school was just the best thing ever!

Ok, we get there early and he says, “I have to go to the City Hall to do something I’ll be right back.” Daniel comes back and says, “I booked us this cool boat ride I heard about. We have to be in front of the castle at five and there should be a cast member there with a group of people.” Sounds fun.

Now, the whole day my guy is feeling sick. I must have asked a dozen times if he wanted to go home, but he insisted on staying. Five o’ clock rolls around and we arrive at the castle and there is not a group of people in sight. But there is, however, a cast member. So we walk up to her and Daniel asked her name and she introduced herself to me and she goes on about how she is going to give us a little tour. At this point I am so confused because this was not at all what he had said what was going to happen. But I went with it anyways. She then walks us up to this wishing well on the side of the castle. It’s Snow White’s wishing well and is giving us all these historical facts on the well and the mini water fall next to it.

She says you should make a wish, then asked, do you have a camera so I can take your picture? So of course Daniel hands her the camera and then hands me a dime! Not a penny, a dime..I was thinking that’s 10 cents buddy…but continued on…I held out my coin, made my wish and threw it in. As soon as I opened my eyes, I turned to Daniel and he started talking and while he was talking he reached in the coat pocket and got on his knee! He said a whole lot of great things of which I cant really remember much of. So naturally I start to ball my eyes out and said yes!!!!! It really was one of the best days of my life!

The Park was so helpful. They blessed us with these little Disney Wedding trinkets and rang a bell through out Fantasy Land and announced our engagement! Everyone around us was clapping and cheering for us, congratulating us! They really made it memorable for us. <3