Cassandra and Cameron

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How We Met

I worked at a helicopter company, I answer phone calls and coordinated where companies needed to go. We did a lot of utility work and charters. Cameron worked for AT&T Alaska and flew with Coastal Helicopters a lot. This is how we met, we talked on the phone countless time when he’d have to call and set up a flight. I’d see him in the office when he checked in for flights. Over 2 years we just had a work friendly relationship. On day we saw each other in public with other friends, we chatted then went on with our night. The next day Cameron messaged me asking me out on a date! Of course I said yes, and all is history now!

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how they asked

One sunny day after a long work day for me, Cameron asked if I wanted to go on a walk. Of course I agreed and we decided to walk out to Point Louisa. It’s a quick walk through the woods, and on to the beach. Little did I know he packed a bottle of wine and glasses! I was excited to enjoy my evening on the beach with him. He guided me down the trail, and as we were walking on the beach I saw a bottle with a note inside on the ground. I was so excited to see what type of note it was, was it from some person lost at sea? A sailor’s goodbye?

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It took me a minute to uncork the bottle, and I starting reading what it said… “The greatest chapter in my life began when I met you. I couldn’t imagine any more chapters without you. Will you help me write the rest?” I thought to myself, holy crap I’m totally ruining someone’s special moment… but it turns out I said that aloud. Then I turned to Cameron, and I he was holding my beautiful ring! With watery eyes I said “yes!”

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