Cassandra and Asa

Cassandra and Asa's Engagement in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline

How We Met

I’m slightly embarrassed that this is the first photo we have together but it also explains us. While we were working at a resort, I officially met Asa while I was hosting my family reunion there. He helped me get out of my zip-line gear and locate missing family members who had wandered off. We started talking and I couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at me. I felt like he saw through me, to who I was on the inside. My brothers saw us together and told me we should date. I brushed it of as teasing since we had just met. (Now I am continuously reminded that they were right.) We continued working at the resort for a few more months before I saw him again at the biggest ski party of the year, commonly referred to as Crazy Days. I yelled “Hey” from across a group of people and he looked at me completely baffled at who the girl with green hair was. Once he saw past the wig, we started talking and he met a few of my friends. While the conversation is a bit of a blur, the connection was quite clear. We exchanged numbers and started dating a few weeks later.

how they asked

My dear mother doesn’t ask for much but every few months all she wants is for me and my brothers to get dressed up in matching clothes and pose for pictures. That’s what I thought we were doing. I was wrong, there was much more going on than my mothers photographer aspirations.

On the last day of September, my family came to visit and I was very excited to show them Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline. A stunning location that was voted the Most Beautiful Place in America.

The day started with my mother agreeing to get manicures. Something that she has never done before and looking back, this should have tipped me off. Then a quick shopping trip and off to west coast of the state. The drive to the lookout is pretty and I wanted to stop to look around but Asa seemed anxious to get there.

Where to Propose in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline

We wandered around the dunes and took a few pictures and then my dad got out his new drone to play with. The rest of us starting hiking along the dunes. At a more level area, we stopped and I began explaining my idea to put a waterslide going down the dune. Expecting to hear laughter, I looked around only to notice everyone nervously staring at Asa. When I looked at him, I could tell he was nervous but before I could say anything more about waterslides, he hit one knee and said “Cassandra Renee, will you be do me the honor of becoming my wife?” I screamed and laughed and of course said “YES!” The biggest surprise of my life!

The cutest parts about this day are what I learned later on. The first being that he had started planning this in March and that the plan had changed numerous times because he wanted to get it just right. The second being what my mom told me as we were celebrating at dinner that night. When we had stopped for gas on the way to the dunes, he stood by the truck fidgeting with his fingers. She could hear him whispering to himself over and over again “She’s the one. She’s the one.”