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How We Met

Alex and I met at my cousin’s wedding three and a half years ago. He was a groomsman to her now husband and I was a guest. As I walked up to the wedding, out of nowhere this guy popped up in front of me, hand outstretched, and boldly said ‘Hi! I’m Alex!.’ It completely caught me off guard!

My cousin’s wedding ended up being a weekend long celebration and our family and the wedding party stayed in a house over the long weekend in Santa Ynez, California. Alex and I hit if of from the first night when we all played party games and ate left over wedding cake (foreshadowing?!) and since we were spending the whole weekend together, we got to know each other pretty well considering it was the first time we had met!

At the end of the wedding weekend he asked if he could drive me home to Los Angeles and take me on a date. I said yes and we went wine tasting and then to dinner. And the rest is history!

The funny part however, that we still cannot believe, is how we managed to go our whole lives not meeting until that exact moment. I often visited my cousins in Malibu from San Diego, where I grew up, and they often visited me. Alex even stayed at my house about 11 years ago with my cousins while my mom and I were on a trip to Hawaii! It’s crazy to think how close we were our whole lives and only just met when we had! But I guess that’s fate…

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how they asked

Alex asked me to marry him in the most dreamy way possible! I still can’t believe how perfect it was!

Ever since I was little and my mom took me to Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France, I fell in love and have always wanted to be proposed to there. I love flowers it’s honestly such a magical and beautiful place! Of course Alex knew this and somehow made my dream a reality.

We planned a trip to Europe but he didn’t tell me many details about the proposal. I knew it was going to happen while we were traveling (we’re one of those couples that discusses everything, lol) but he wanted it to be as much of a surprise as possible! Finally about 1 week into the trip he woke me up very early in the morning and we got a car from Paris to Giverny! Of course, we went to Monet’s Garden and at this point I was pretty ecstatic!

When we entered the garden we began walking around the grounds. I thought he would propose on the iconic bridge so I wasn’t really expecting the proposal right then. As we were walking near some trellises, we stopped to take photos and he completely caught me off guard as he dropped to one knee! I started shaking and laughing because I was so excited and happy!

He said ‘I’ve been waiting so long to do this. I love you so much, will you marry me?’ At first I kinda just stared at him because I wasn’t sure if he had more to say and was so caught in the moment, haha, but once I realized he was done and that I better speak up I said ‘Yes, of course!’

It was such a magical moment to have something I have wanted and dreamed about my whole life become a reality. He is my dream man, and he honestly made my dream proposal come true!

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