Cassandra and Alex

how we met

We met on Hinge. It was the end of summer and Cass was out of town, but we happened to be up early on a Saturday at the same time and I remember thinking how happy I was to be chatting with her. When she got back to the city, I mustered the courage to ask her to “share foods” on a Thursday in August. We met at Acme and had dinner seated at the bar which at the time I thought was fun and casual. I learned later in our relationship that the bar seating almost ruined my chances altogether… but lucky for me Cass decided to stay. Dinner was fantastic and I remember feeling an odd combination of intense comfort and overwhelming excitement to be in the company of such a wonderful woman.

how they asked

Cass had just finished finals – she was in law school at the time. We had plans to go Mexico for a few days for her winter break but before we went I surprised her with a little stay-cation at our favorite hotel – the Surrey. It was a place we had spent a lot of time together and made some fantastic memories just the two of us — and our two pups of course. I booked the presidential suite and set the plan in motion. The crucial part was of course surprise – to achieve surprise her parents told a little fib – that they were in Florida. Cass knew we wouldn’t be getting engaged without our parents nearby, so she had her guard down. We got to the Surrey and went up to the room – it was incredible and Cass took some time to look around. When she got back I was down on my knee. Then some words, some tears, the ring, more tears, and she said yes!


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