Cass and Joe

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How We Met

We were in the 4th grade, went to the same elementary school and later on same high school. I never would have imagined that the pain in the butt, class clown would become my everything years later. Growing up we always shared the same friends, and were always around each other wether it be around school, across the hall or at a friend’s birthday party. high school came around, and we ended up in grade 10 Religion class together. I sat with my friends, and he sat with his friend until us girls decided it would be fun to joke around with them, pretend that we liked them more than friends. Little did I know, Joe was falling for it… and me. Soon after I would get text messages asking me what I was doing on weekends, and if i wanted to go out. I never really looked into it because I couldn’t see past the grade 4 class clown, until one day I did. A friend of ours approached me saying Joe had said that we were begining to date, but that wasn’t as apparent to me. Being young and in high school, I didn’t think you were considered to be dating someone especially if he hadn’t asked. When I approached Joe for clarification, he admitted he liked me and that if I wasn’t sure about him, he let me know that liked me enough to take a the chance and wait around for me. If it wasn’t for him to say those words, be as persistent and sneaky as he was. I would have missed out on the perfect man for me and the greatest adventure of my life!

how they asked

In May 2016, we purchased our first home together… which is still currently under construction. In July of 2017, to what I believed was just a simple drive by to check in on the progress, turned out to be the greatest day of my life. When we arrived, all the doors were locked, so himself with a close friend of ours walked around back to open up the front entrance while myself and my friend waited patiently to be let in. When our friend let us in, I immediately noticed petals and decorations leading me from our future front door to our master bedroom. Along with that, certain sections of the path included chalkboard signs to mark everyday routines we’ll take part in together like “this is where we’ll hang our keys”… needless to say, he took my breath away. When I found him, he popped the question… and seconds after my closest family members made there way from the basement or down the street to congratulate us! It was the most perfect day, and the most perfect proposal!

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