Cason and Jake

How We Met

Jake and I met as neighbors in college. After a year of living next door to each other, I had no idea that Jake had secretly been crushing on me, and at the end of the year we both moved to new apartments across town. It was at a JMU football game the next school year that we ran into each other, and the spark finally ignited.

Proposal Ideas St. Lucia

how they asked

After graduating college and three and a half years of dating, I moved to be with Jake. He now works as a travel agent, so it came as no surprise when he mentioned that he could get a great deal on a resort in St. Lucia, and suggested we go there on a “business” trip to check out a new hotel for his job. Jake surprised me with a private tour of the island, with our own driver and photographer to document our trip. We took photos in front of the famous mountains of St. Lucia, the Pitons, a volcano, waterfalls, botanical gardens, and then went on a boat ride in the Caribbean to end the day.

As we climbed barefoot out of the boat onto a rocky outcropping on the shore, I was so focused on not slipping and falling that I wasn’t focused on the fact that Jake had been rummaging in his backpack. I took in the views and felt the salt water splashing my feet, and Jake joined me on the end of the rock pier. He told me to step up onto a nearby rock to get a better view, and when I turned around from my perch, he was on one knee, with the most beautiful ring sparkling up at me. I couldn’t even say yes I was so shocked and excited, and the first words out of my mouth were to tell him “don’t drop it!”

Where to Propose in St. Lucia

We spent the next week celebrating our engagement in the tropical paradise of St. Lucia, and since we’ve gotten home, it’s all wedding bells! We are getting married next Labor Day weekend at my family farm in Virginia, but I can’t imagine the day being any more special than the day Jake planned for me when he proposed!

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