Casi and Nate

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How We Met

It was a hot day in June. The day I wasn’t looking but would find the one who changed my life forever….It was the weekend of June 13th. We needed volunteers for the new Main Street Hanover event ‘Sip & Stroll’ so I extended the offer to Mom. Saturday morning, I headed downtown to volunteer for the Chalk it Up Event. It was a hot and humid day so my nicely curled hair went up in a pony tail within 30 minutes. Between the sweat and cotton t-shirt, my looks were the least bit flattering for the rest of the day. After volunteering at Chalk It Up, I met up with mom for lunch and errands. At 4, we arrived to help with registration for Sip & Stroll. Our job was to check IDs, verify they paid for a ticket and attach a wristband to each participant’s arm. Throughout the 2 hours of registration, we were reunited with many familiar Hanover faces. Of course, being with Mom lead to meeting a lot of people I either hadn’t met before or hadn’t seen in some time. Two important people, I didn’t know at the time, were Bonnie & John Frock.

Mom had mentioned their names a few weeks prior as her and Dad had run into them at Aldus Brewing. They were only going to Aldus for a drink but ended up staying the entire night. That evening they had run into Bonnie and John which led to quite a memorable time. Before Aldus, Mom had not seen John (they knew eachother from middle school days) in many years. At Sip & Stroll, I got to meet them when they arrived at the registration table. After the night at Aldus, Mom had become quite chummy with the couple. After our shift was over (around 6PM), Mom and I joined the fun and met up with some friends at a few of the stops. At Something Wicked, we bumped into Marie Bentlyon Smith. She was our neighbor when I was growing up and we got to reunite with her recently through one of her paint nights. We’ve said that Marie and I are meant to be buddies as we have the same creative minds.

We got to chat with her for a few minutes before Mom decided to embarrass me. “Marie, you and Casi have the same artistic/creative spirit. She’s not going to like that I am bringing it up, but Marie you have to know a cute & nice guy for Case!” Marie had to laugh and I am sure I got red. She thought for a second and said ” Well, I did run into a former Hanover teacher who now teaches physed at South Western. He’s very good looking and even my friends behind me were asking who he was when I was talking to him earlier tonight!” She said she could only remember his name was Nate so Mom told her to keep me in mind. After leaving Something Wicked, I decided to google ‘Nate phys ed teacher at South Western School District’ and came up with two names and no photos.

I shook it off and moved on (not telling my mom I even googled him!) From there, we decided to head down Carlisle Street to check out some shops we had never been in before. First, we stopped at Abithat’s where we ran into John and Bonnie. Mom chatted with them as I walked around. When Mom returned to me, she said that Bonnie’s son was really cute. Bonnie had asked Mom if I was single and that Nate was interested in me. I immediately said no! I hate being set up, let alone by my own mother. I brushed it off as those two trying to hook us up and after the way I looked (remember I had been sweating all day), I didn’t think he was the least bit interested. I shushed my mom and we got out of Abithat’s to head to the next destination. I wanted to get to the Rocket (Spring Grove) wine. Jackson Square was selling it that evening at Diamonds and Designs right next door so we made that our next stop.

Low and behold, there are John, Bonnie, and her son AGAIN. Now, I was just embarrassed. At that point, I knew everyone else knew that what was going on. It didn’t help that our Moms were whispering and laughing about the situation. How awkward!! At that point, I was introduced to Nate Murren. The Nate, who Marie had talked about earlier that evening. I said hello, introductions were over, and I moved to the booth where the wine tasting was being held. I was so embarrassed and felt so awkward, I couldn’t bear to start a conversation. I forced mom to move quickly out of Diamonds and Designs and on our way to the next stop. We continued our journey but once again ran into them later at Something Wicked. Luckily, my girlfriends were waiting there so I was able to hang at a table with them as my mom continued the conversations with his mom and step dad. After a bit, I strolled over to let Mom know we were leaving.

I was able to meet John officially and he began to boast about Nate. However, I still couldn’t start a conversation with Nate. On our way to Winners’ Circle (after Something Wicked), Nicole, Mom and I were walking together when mom informed me that she had given Bonnie my phone number. I couldn’t believe it! I had noticed him and Nicole were talking at SW so I had asked her how she knew him. She said she had touched Nate’s abs the year before at Olivia’s. I immediately thought this is definitely not the guy I am looking for. I was still shocked my mom gave away my number. The night turned out to be a great time and the event was such a success. Nate became an afterthought and I really didn’t think I would hear from him (as I was under the impression that our Mom’s were doing all the matchmaking). Sunday and Monday rolled around and I didn’t hear from him so I pushed it aside. Without warning, I received a text message after volleyball Monday night from Nate Murren….

how they asked

One year after we met, at the 2nd Annual Main Street Hanover Sip & Stroll, Nate proposed at the very place we met!

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I volunteered once again for the event and my shift was over at 3PM. I met up with all of our friends and family and began to stroll down the street.

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We were approaching Diamonds & Designs (where we met a year ago) and I was asked if I wanted to play a game to possibly win a prize.

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Nate gave me $5 and I threw a dart at a board full of balloons.

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I was told I won a prize and it was at the front of the store.

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I started to get nervous because I already had suspicions he may propose. As I walked to the front, the store began to fill up behind me. I unwrapped a big square gift on an easel and I knew as soon as I peeled the top piece what it was.

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Nate had been making a chalkboard for his sister’s wedding (or so I thought!). He had written Will you marry me? on the chalkboard.

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I barely got it opened before I started crying and turned around to him on one knee in front of all our friends and family!

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Special Thanks

Carley Reichart
 | Photgraphy