Cash and Sedona

How We Met: The summer when I was 18 and about to head off to college, I went with my mom to walk around the campus and show her around. Cash worked in the fitness center at the time and as soon as we walked in, he came up and introduced himself and was easily one of the most friendly people I’d ever met. As it turns out, we had a mutual friend at the time and ended up getting connected again.

On the first day that I moved onto campus, he asked me to come hangout with some of his friends and we spent the entire day laughing, and learning about each other. Two months later he took me on my first date ever, and became my first boyfriend. Now, 4 years since that summer, he became my fiance.

how they asked: He is a videographer. On Saturday he asked for my help in filming a surprise engagement for a longtime family friend. We spent all day getting everything ready to go. The proposal was going to be on the rooftop of a building that overlooks the Dallas skyline. It had been raining for weeks and it was the first day that the sun came out, so the sky and the weather were spectacular.

Image 1 of Cash and Sedona

I was getting anxious because the couple was late and they were going to miss the beautiful sunset, so Cash suggested that we take some fun pictures just of us while we waited on them. As it turns out, it was all just a setup to get me to the most amazing spot at the perfect time, completely unaware that all day I had been preparing for my very own dream come true. Needless to say, #howtheyasked was flawless.