Casey and Zachary

Casey and Zachary's Engagement in 8th Avenue South Naples

how they asked

Due to being limited with time for our wedding, we planned our special day about two months before he proposed. I had no idea when he wasn’t going to officially ask me to be his forever but I was so anxious & excited, also because he wanted to pick out the ring entirely on his own!

Casey's Proposal in 8th Avenue South Naples

A few weeks before the wedding, we decided to spend the day In downtown Naples which Is our favorite place to be! A few streets down is the beach and also our beautiful wedding venue! That same day he asked me if I wanted to see it again and just hang out there for a bit! At first, I never thought anything of this but he did seem a little nervous lol. We sat down on a bench overlooking the ocean and how lucky we are to have our ceremony at that spot!

Next thing I know he is telling me how much he loves me and my heart started to beat a little faster than usual. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! It was such a special day and I am so excited that we will have many memories in that exact spot to celebrate!❤