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how we met

I met Tanner in Kerrville, Tx in June of 2014 through a mutual friend who would eventually become our sister-in-law. We shared several common interests, but our mutual love for helping others was what really attracted me towards him. Tanner is a Firefighter/EMT and I am an RN in the operating room. Throughout our two years of dating, we were both furthering our education which consisted of long hours on the road, late nights, and very few opportunities of actually spending time together, by those moments were so worth it.

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During this time, I had also embarked on a very personal, emotional journey of locating and meeting my birth mother. Along with my sister, Tanner supported my search efforts and encouraged me the entire way, calming my fears and doubts. Fast forward to April 2016 and the day we actually met my birth mother…. It was by far the most emotional day of my life at that point and Tanner was by my side throughout its entirety. Looking back, it was an experience that made us even closer.

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how they asked

Fast forward again to Monday, May 9th. After a long weekend of pulling call at the hospital, Tanner wanted to take me on a “day date” for our one day off together. I was resistant at first and adamant about not going anywhere that required me to wear more than workout clothes and messy hair. We went to the local pizza joint and then the Empty Cross in Kerrville. This was a place that we had visited many times when we just needed a break from life’s craziness.

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Come to find out, Tanner had something up his sleeve. He said he wanted to try out his new camera tripod and take a few pictures of the scenery. He set up the camera, but then stated he forgot the remote in the truck. Upon his return, I impatiently waited for him to finish playing photographer and started to pull him in the direction of the truck, only to notice him fidgeting with something in his back pocket. Before I could even ask what he was doing, Tanner was down on one knee holding a ring box with the most beautiful ring in it.

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I was in complete shock to the point I didn’t even give him an answer at first, but then of course I said yes!! He had put a lot of thought into how he was going to propose and to my complete surprise, I found he had actually recorded the special moment! We were so excited to share the news with the family and friends who had experienced our crazy journey with us and I am forever grateful for Tanner capturing that special moment. We were married on November 12th, 2016 in Comfort, Tx.

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