Casey and Samuel

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How We Met

Sam and I met in summer 2016. I am a teacher and he is a one on one counselor for students. I was working at summer school for a 3 week span for some extra money. On my second day of summer school I noticed a VERY handsome guy with the biggest brightest smile. I immediately turned into a middle school girl with a crush. I couldn’t make eye contact with him, I couldn’t speak when he was around, I had butterflies when I saw him, and I was constantly blushing when he was near. The kids LOVED him. He was always so joyful which made the students flock to him. His joy was contagious. Seeing him have so much fun with the students made me even more attracted to and intrigued by him.

I knew I only had two and a half weeks to catch his attention before the end of summer school. Every morning I spent extra time curling my hair, picking out cute outfits, and making sure my makeup was perfect. It was so much work!

I saw him about once a day over the next two weeks because he worked with a student in my class. We spoke a little bit here and there but we were both busy with the students. I knew I had to make a move SOON.

Two days before summer school was over I stopped and bought him a coffee before work. Once school started I had our student deliver it to him in his office. He sent a thank you note back! I was so impressed by his manners and old fashioned chivalry. The next day (last day of summer school) he asked me for my phone number and its been a fairy tale ever since!

how they asked

I suspected he would propose soon. I expected him to ask on my birthday which is December 22nd. The week before that my mom got very sick and spent some time in the hospital. After her diagnosis I was very sad and didn’t want an engagement during such a hard time. I hinted to him that we should skip my birthday this year because I didn’t feel like celebrating.

On December 20th my elementary school had our last school day before winter break. To celebrate, the entire school wore pajamas and walked across the street to an old fashioned movie theatre to watch Polar Express. This theatre is a favorite date place of ours! It was sure to be a fun day! Before the movie started my principal called the 4th grade teachers to the stage in front of the movie screen. The entire school was watching. She said that we are a school family and that we like to celebrate together. She said she had a special announcement and asked the other 4th grade teachers to step off the stage.

Sam walked onto the stage from the back and I couldn’t help but cry. I knew right away what was happening. It felt like a dream. I was nervous and excited so I laughed and cried throughout the proposal. As he walked on he rang a bell (which he had engraved with the date) just like the conductor on the Polar Express does. He then said to the students “So, Ms. Deacon and I have been dating for about a year and half now. What do you think we should do next?” All the kids yelled out “Get married!” He then asked them “Well what do I need to do next?” to which they replied “Ask her!” and he got down on one knee. I began crying even more. He finally asked “What am I missing before I can ask her?” and they all yelled “A Ring!” So he called for a student named Zion (the same student who delivered his coffee I bought him two summers ago) and she came down to the stage with a ring box. He told me and everyone in the theatre that I mean the world to him and he wants me to be his forever. He asked if I would marry him! I couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head yes! He put the ring on my finger and we were engaged! It was so unexpected and perfect. My principal gave me the rest of the day off to celebrate!

After walking off the stage I found out that my principal and Sam’s co workers had been involved in the planing and execution of the proposal. His boss even hired a photographer to capture the moment and take a few pictures right afterwards!

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Because we both work with kids all the time and we are kids at heart, this proposal was the most perfect creative way for us: in front of my students, in our pajamas, and at a kid’s movie.

My mom was so excited and happy about our engagement. I didn’t think it was a good time to get engaged with the things my family was dealing with but it brought us all some joy during a tough time!

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