Casey and Petar

How We Met

Petar and I have known each other since high school, which included some hang outs (some kissing at parties) but overall friends. After high school, we still remained in contact but I would always roll my eyes every time he would text me because of his overuse of backward smiley faces (: But then one day I decided to give him a date that he has been asking for and asked him to go to iHop. He decided to give me one more try after all my times of ditching him. Our date involved talking about our dogs, getting frozen yogurt together one day. Right after he dropped me off at home from our first date I tried to think of an excuse to text him right away because he definitely won me over, quick. After that, we have been inseparable.

How They Asked

Petar and I have been together for nearly five years and I was waiting for that proposal for that last two years. He made it slightly obvious that he was ring shopping- we suck at surprises- but kept saying he can’t find the perfect one. The first nice day of spring I told Petar to figure out a date for us because I want to be outside. He suggested Sparta, a place that has a beautiful boardwalk and we go to often to eat.

Casey and Petar's Engagement in Sparta Boardwalk

He then also suggested for us to take a walk on the boardwalk since it will be nice out and we should enjoy the first nice day, I happily agreed. While walking the boardwalk he led me up to a deck where he said his short and sweet words and then the final sentence I have been waiting for, “will you marry me” after I said yes and cried I looked over and saw that it was all being photographed!

Where to Propose in Sparta Boardwalk

Special Thanks

George Segale
 | Photographer