Casey and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I are high school sweethearts and met about 10 years ago at High School through some mutual friends. I was actually very hesitant at first, at the fact that I knew that Nick wanted a relationship and I wasn’t sure if that was something that I was ready for. I made that very clear to him but this went on for about 6+ months and Nick (very sweetly) didn’t stop. He continuously took me out on dates, gave me flowers, showed up at my locker with iced coffee – he never gave up.

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For his senior prom (he is a year older than me), he asked me initially in conversation to go with him and I told him that I didn’t think that it would be the best idea for us and that I thought he should go with someone else. It was his senior year and he was planning on going to school 15 hours away in South Carolina, I wasn’t seeing how a relationship would even work for us and I was thinking that going to prom with him would give him the wrong idea. Nick responded to that by saying if he couldn’t go with me, then he wasn’t going. I honestly got a little upset with him about that – of course, I wanted him to go and experience his senior prom, but I was so unsure if us going together would be a good idea. The time had then passed where you needed to turn in your prom permission slip and money to the school and Nick hadn’t asked anyone else to go with him. Of course, I was upset, but not going to prom was his decision and I knew that I had to respect that and not blame myself for his choice.

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During April vacation, Nick was going to South Carolina for one of his college orientations, and a friend and I had been planning to go spend the vacation at my grandparents’ house in Myrtle Beach. Since we were within the same area, we had planned to meet up at the hotel that his family had been staying at for the week. Once my friend and I showed up, he took me right out on the patio that was overlooking the beach. I got caught up looking down at the people in the lazy river below us for some time, but as soon as I looked up I saw the word “PROM” written in the sand.

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I instantly was like “OMG Nick somebody is getting asked to prom that’s so cute!!” and then as soon as I turn and look at Nick he was holding a dozen red roses and a stuffed animal golden retriever asking me to prom. I was so confused! We had talked about this and as sweet as this is, it was past the time that we could pass our permission slip in so we wouldn’t be able to go anyway. Little did I know, Nick had gone to my mom’s house previously and not only asked her permission to take me to prom but had her sign the permission slip as well. Nick had already turned in all of my information to the school go with him – it was all above and beyond and so sweet, I couldn’t say no and was honestly so excited to go to prom with one of my best friends.

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It was at his Senior Prom that we were dancing and standing outside overlooking the city of Boston, and I had the thought “What the hell am I doing?! I have this guy who I love being with, is my best friend, has my absolute best interest at heart and absolutely adores me…and I’ve been pushing him away for months”. We danced the night away and the rest is history.

Nick and I made it through 5 years of going to separate colleges and moved in together with friends as soon as I graduated. We’ll be together for 9 years come May 2021 – we’ve been able to grow up together and learn so much about each other, I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

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How They Asked

I can’t even believe that I’m lucky enough to call my best friend and high school sweetheart, my fiancé.

Nick and I had always talked about getting engaged, but we always talked about getting engaged at the “the right time”. We’ll be together for 9 years now come May and we always knew that we would be getting married (I think most people did 😊).

Right before our trip to Hawaii to visit his sister Jamie, Nick and I actually had a conversation about the fact that he thought it would be better to wait to get engaged for another year or so. As much as I wanted it to happen, I knew that it would happen eventually and it would happen at the right time for us, so I agreed. Little did I know that Nick had started the process of proposing to me months before that conversation and got all of our friends involved to help.

The whole trip to Hawaii was a dream – we drove up Mauna Kea, drove down to Waipio Valley, snorkeled in Honaunau, watched the sunset at Royal Kona, swam with manta rays, saw the active volcano, went to Rainbow Falls, climbed down the Kaumana Caves, got absolutely poured on in Rainforest – I could go on and on, we had the best time.

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A couple of nights before he proposed, I had one too many Mai Tai’s at one of the local bars (whoops) and told Nick that even though we had that conversation, I had still thought that there was a possibility that he would propose during the trip. But now that it was towards the end of the trip, I thought it wasn’t going to happen anymore and told him that it was okay that he didn’t propose and that I’m still having such a great time on the trip and that it was a vacation I’ll remember forever. The only other significant thing that we planned for the week was the sunset cruise that Jamie had texted about a couple of weeks before in our family group chat. We all thought that it would be a great way to end the trip, but since I thought the cruise was Jamie’s idea, I thought that he may not do it there- I’m sure he was extremely annoyed with me that night, but the angel that he is, he said absolutely nothing about it. Little did I know that night that the ring he was going to use to propose within just a couple of days, was in his bag right next to us.

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Now of course I have to mention, the manicure that I got before we left for the trip didn’t exactly hold up for the full 12 days. Nick & Jamie kept suggesting that I get a manicure the day of and before the cruise, but I kept saying that it made no sense – why would I get my nails done again just to go home? Nick even said he would go with me, which I thought was just a nice gesture since I ask him all the time to get a mani or a pedi with me & he never has. But at this point, all of the nail salons were closed for the holiday so I just personally fixed them up the best I could and you couldn’t even tell the difference. Little did I know he was just dropping a hint – I had always told him to make sure my nails were done when he proposed for pictures.

Months before our trip, Nick and I were watching Netflix in bed and I was online shopping on my laptop for the trip. I looked at Nick and told him I wanted a long flow-ey dress for dinner one night and I was having trouble with which one to get, Nick took my laptop and picked out this blue dress almost immediately & said he thought it would look perfect on me. Little did I know that he just picked out the dress that he would propose to me in.

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This was our last night in Hawaii, it was the sunset cruise off the coast of Kona. We started getting ready for the night and Nick & Jamie had mentioned all week that the blue dress would be perfect for the cruise. I hadn’t tried it on at all yet but agreed that the pictures would probably look nice with the water – I didn’t think anything of it when Nick walked out of the room almost completely matching me in blue.

We were one of the first people on the boat and it was perfect. Me, Nick, Jamie, Mikey, and Nick’s parents all got Pina Coladas, and since we were so early we were able to stake out the front of the boat. Jamie’s friend Mikey brought a professional camera with him, which I again, thought nothing about – thinking we were in Hawaii so of course, he would want to take pictures of the sunset. There was live music and the weather was so perfect. Almost immediately as the boat started moving, I made Nick begin to take pictures with me. He kept saying “we’ll take plenty of pictures at sunset” but I kept thinking that the lighting would probably be bad during sunset and the pictures would come out dark. Little did I know that he meant we would be taking our engagement pictures at sunset.

The sun was setting and I was posting pictures of the sun on the water, not knowing that all of my friends at home were anxiously awaiting. The live singer started playing L.O.V.E by Frank Sinatra and it was a perfect moment. Nick was standing behind me and his whole family was in front of me, they all took their cameras out and told me to take a picture with Nick, so I started smiling at them and posed. As soon as I turned around to make sure Nick was smiling too, he got down on one knee.

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I immediately started sobbing and asking “are you really proposing – is this really happening” ?! I was crying so much I could barely understand what else was happening around me. Nick asked me to marry him and it took me so long to even get the word yes out of my mouth. I was both in disbelief and complete bliss, I could barely see out of my eyes or breathe let alone actually get any words out of my mouth. I took so long to respond Nick even went “WELL, what do you say!?” I said, “yes of course yes!!” The whole boat cheered, the music was playing, the sun was setting beautifully – Nicks whole family came over to hug us & Jamie put a traditional Hawaiian Lei around the both of us, something that is custom for big events, and the boat brought over champagne – I felt like I was in a dream.

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We went to another bar on the ocean after the cruise and I told pretty much everyone I came into contact with within the restaurant that I just got engaged, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Every time Nick and I looked at each other that night, we would both start crying. As soon as we got home we opened up even more champagne, Nick spun me around out on the patio to the same song that we got engaged to, and we lit off sparklers all night.

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To my fiancé – you did so well. I’m in awe about everything you did to make this so perfect. You are my best friend and the absolute love of my life and I can’t wait to marry you.

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To everyone involved – thank you for helping him create the most perfect night for us, we’ll treasure it forever ♥️

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