Casey and Morgan

How We Met

My finance, Morgan moved to West Point NY to pursue a job as an athletic trainer in the Fall of 2017 a year before I ever knew he existed. When we finally met a whole year later and had our first date on October 25, 2018, we became inseparable. I’ve never been someone who believed in love at first sight but Morgan changed that for me. I knew once I got home after our first date, he was going to be in my life for a very long time and quickly I learned he felt the same about me. Morgan not only gained my love and respect but my family and friends as well.

How They Asked

Marriage was always something we discussed so I was not surprised so much by his proposal but I was definitely not expecting it when it happened. The way Morgan proposed was so special and perfect.

Where to Propose in Garrison New York

He took me to a local Christmas tree farm in Garrison NY, where to my surprise my best friend was hiding behind a tree and was able to capture this special moment between myself, Morgan, and our puppy Remi. I was completely blown away and so overwhelmed with so much happiness. The best part about our proposal was hearing all the details afterward, and how much thought he put into everything. He involved not just my best friend but my cousin, who helped him pick out my ring, as well as my parents, who he asked for their permission a few weeks before the proposal. I can’t wait for our special day, which we just set to be 5/8/2021.

Proposal Ideas Garrison New York