Malia and Casey

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How We Met

Casey’s sister Shannon messaged me on Instagram (we had never met in real life but she was following my personal account) and asked if I wanted to go out with her little brother. My first reaction was “heck no!” but when she said she had felt inspired to ask me I just couldn’t say no. Something just felt right. I was hesitant at first but then thought it might be really fun. We set up a date in Salt Lake, Utah and went to the cheesecake factory and walked around the LDS temple. I knew I loved him pretty quickly…….the rest is history!

how they asked

Casey had his last game and senior basketball night on Saturday night. He joked about having me come out on the court with his parents when they presented his award (literally right before the game I found out he was even getting an award). He told me “they’ll just call you my girlfriend and you can walk out with me, it’ll be fun!” so I thought, sure why not!

Keep in mind my entire family is there along with his family and extended family (I still didn’t put two + two together……)! We walked out and then he turned to me right around center court and whispered the sweetest things in my ear (I started sobbing like a baby…) .

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I swear he always knows what to say… He pulled that ring right out of his sock!!!

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It was actually happening!!!!! In fact, he could barely get the ring on I was shaking so bad!!!!

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The entire crowd started cheering and yelling — I WAS SO HAPPY!

We are so blessed with so much support and love! I am the luckiest girl in the world + can’t wait to marry him.

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Thank you @wilsondiamonds for my DREAM ring!

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