Casey and Josh

Image 2 of Casey and Josh

How we met: Josh and I met through a mutual friend that I went to college with. His best friend at the time introduced us. We went to a few concerts together here and there because of our mutual friends. He kissed me at concert number two! The next year he transferred to my university and the rest is a love story. I could fill pages with all the of the thoughtful things he would say to me, and places he would take me, but there is not enough space for that.

how they asked: As far as I knew we were going to dinner but through a series of sneaky events Josh had us stopping at his parents property to “check on something first”. This was somewhat normal so I was completely oblivious. He had everything set up at the lodge on the property and to get there we had to go on a short walk. I was still oblivious.

When we got to the bottom of the hill to level ground and my foot hit the entrance to the gravel walk way to the front door, the building lit up. Maybe it was the overwhelming moment of it all, but the timing was instantaneous. There was a walk way lit on either side with lights which led to a circle created by those same lights with a lace blanket and flowers. The building was wrapped in lights with care and attention to spacing and detail, and up on the A-frame there was spelled out in lights, “Marry Me” Although it takes a while to describe all of this, it happened instantaneously.

Image 1 of Casey and Josh

Josh led me down the path he created and stopped me inside the circle. He got down on one knee and he said that he loved me, that there was no one that he would rather spend life with than me, and then he asked if I would make him the happiest man in the world by saying yes to marrying him.I leaned down and kissed him as he tried to stand back up and as I said yes, fireworks went off. I am not talking about the fireworks inside my head either. Real, genuine, huge, actual fireworks that he had his friend set off behind the bushes. It was beautiful. It was perfect, and he is more than I ever thought I deserved or could have dreamed of.

Image 3 of Casey and Josh

Photos by Dave Shay