Casey and Jeremiah

How We Met

At the time, I was living with my two roommates Luis and William in Fort Lauderdale. Around that same time, Luis started dating a physical therapist named Ara. Ara worked with another physical therapist named Cara and an assistant named Casey. Ara thought our roommate William would be a good match for Cara. So naturally, they started Facebook stalking Will. While Ara, Cara, and Casey poured over Facebook photos of Will, they stumbled across pictures of me (Jeremiah) which spurred Casey to say “whose’ that!” Ara replied, “Oh that’s Jeremiah…and he’s recently single…actually I think you guys would be great together.” Not long after, the double dates were set for us to meet over dinner and drinks.

I vividly remember seeing Casey for the first time. Wearing big hoop earrings, a black leather jacket, and designer sunglasses on her head, she was bundled up in between Cara and Ara in a booth. I thought she looked like a badass and I will shamelessly admit, I was intimated. What I knew about Casey was from what I could gather from Ara. I knew she was on the triathlon team at University of Miami, lived with a handful of guy roommates in Miami, was from New York, and liked to party. At the time I had completed a handful of triathlons and used this to start our conversation. We all had a great time but Cara wasn’t particularly interested in Will and I wasn’t sure if Casey felt the same way about me. However, I was able to get her phone number by asking her for “swimming lessons” to improve my triathlon times, knowing damn well that I just wanted to hang out with her again and could care less about those “swimming lessons.” It must have been a month before we spoke again, when Casey texted me to meet her at a bar in downtown Ft Lauderdale. I was like “Hell yeah” and by the time I got there she had already left. I was confused but didn’t take anything personally. The next day I called her, really wanting those swimming lessons. She apologized for leaving and promised to give me lessons eventually. We decided before hitting the pool that we would go out to dinner. And the rest, as they say, is history.

P.s. I am still waiting for the swimming lessons.

how they asked

Cold River camp is a place that has been special to me since I was a little girl. It is a summer destination that my family and I have visited annually and has become a place of comfort and happiness for me. When I first brought my boyfriend, Jeremiah, several years ago to become a part of this special place, I could not have anticipated how he would increase the depth of its importance, years later. Four years after his first summer at Cold River, Jeremiah returned with my parents and I to enjoy yet another wonderful year of family, friends, and hiking. On August 24th, 2016, my mother’s birthday, we set out on one of my favorite hikes, the Baldfaces. My mother, father, cousin, and family friend accompanied Jeremiah and I on the hike that day. After a relatively rigorous several miles we summit-ed the first peak, South Baldface. The group insisted on staying on the top of South, while Jeremiah persuaded me to go on ahead with him alone, to our final summit of North Baldface.

I later discovered this had been pre-planned so that Jeremiah and I would have some time alone together, before my family joined us to celebrate shortly after. When Jeremiah and I reached the top of North Baldface, I set down my pack and pulled out my food, ready to eat lunch. Meanwhile, Jeremiah was launching his drone to get some “footage,” which for him was not out of the ordinary. He requested I go stand near the edge of the summit so we could get some good shots together. Again, I thought nothing was strange and I waved mindlessly at the drone. It was then that I turned to look at him and he got down on one knee. My initial reaction was shocked, speechless, emotional and unbelievably happy. After the almost 7 years we have known each other, the proposal was overall not unexpected but in that moment I was 110% shocked and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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