Casey and Jared

Image 1 of Casey and Jared

How We Met

He landscaped my house when I bought a new one.

How They Asked

We hadn’t talked much about it and I had a family ring I always wanted. Before leaving to go on the trip to CO, my mom told me not to stress because he hadn’t gotten the ring from her. She told me to just enjoy the trip. We hadn’t planned on taking a Jeep tour while there but decided last minute to. We were on a trail about 12,000 feet above see level looking out over a valley. He stepped behind me, as we were on a cliff, and I assumed he was going back to the keep but told myself not to turn around. Then I heard the Velcro of his pocket, and convinced myself he was just getting gum. He then said, “I bought you something long before we ever got here.” I immediately started crying and he could t really get anything else out, except, “Will you marry me.” It was perfect and totally unexpected!