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How We Met

I met my now Fiance while working in the small town of Soda Springs ID. After having a bad past with forming any long lasting relationships and always getting burned I knew this one was different. I had never been around anyone who I knew cared about me as much as I cared about her. I knew this time this relationship was going to last, and I’m so thankful my broken road lead me to where I am today. About the same time that we started dating our favorite country music singer came out with a song. Chris young wrote the song “Who I am with you.” So many lines of this song coincides with how I feel, how I felt and how I always will feel for her. This became our song during that time and still continues to be our song. I bought front row tickets with backstage passes and she almost died when I told her we were going to meet Chris young. She had no idea that a nearly 5 month secret was in the planning stage. My idea was that Chris young would see me propose and maybe say our names and sing the rest of “our song” for us. The song came I got down on one knee and throw shaking knees I still have no idea what I said, but she said “Yes.” Chris young followed up a few songs later and sang our very first song for us to dance to. Just us two in a crowd of 12k plus he sang a song just for us. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!

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