Casey and Edwin

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How We Met

Edwin and I locked eyes on each other about 4 years ago and have been pretty inseparable since. We met randomly in a group of mutual friends and after talking for .4 seconds I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He is one of those people everyone wants to be around, the guy who makes everyone laugh until they pee their pants and the guy who literally stole my heart. He is one of those ‘ not very emotional guys’ so when he is extra sweet, or leaves a cute note by my coffee cup its extra special to me. I couldn’t have painted a more clear picture of the type of man I thought I was suppose to marry and spend the rest of my life with other than Edwin.

how they asked

One of my closest friends has been engaged and is getting married at the beginning of next year. Edwin and I adore the bride and the groom and consider them some of our dearest friends. They scheduled their engagement pictures and she wanted my help and assistance to make sure she looked okay and (like all us girls, didn’t have any crazy hair sticking up or making a weird smile). I was excited to spend the day with them and the photographer they chose was one of my favorite people in the world! It was a win-win for this girl! Needless to say, the day did not go as planned. We live in South Carolina and it just so happened this day was the day of 1000 year FLOOD was happening… of course. As we finished up the session of pictures Jessi (the photographer) asked to get a shot of me and soon to be bride with a cute sign we made for the engagement pictures that said “she said yes” — As I was standing by myself I heard the door of the barn behind me swing open.. I refused to look away form the camera and I was just striking my poses. I heard a “ahem” behind me and as I turned around I saw Edwin standing in the door way.

Image 2 of Casey and Edwin

As I said before- he is not a very emotional guy, so when I saw those big alligator tears in his eyes I knew this was something big! HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! I was so very shocked and even more excited he arranged to have it all caught on camera. The raw emotions from both of us will forever hold a dear place in my heart.


Special Thanks

Jessi Nichols Photography
 | Photographer