Casey and Carrie

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hungry Mother State Park (lake amphitheatre)

How We Met

So people have been asking how the suprise came about. Here is Cody McCracken perspective in his blog post. Mine is. Carrie Robinson and I decided to start dating while we were out driving one day hanging out and stopped at the lake to talk and decided to step into a relationship together. So, I knew I wanted to pop the question at the lake. And our first official date afterward was seeing the Greatest Showman so I knew I wanted to sing the song “A Million Dreams” from that movie.

How They Asked

Well, fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago I got the ring and started planning. Cody McCracken shot my band’s (Forsaken Hero) last 3 music videos and has started doing model shoots with Carrie’s sister Sarah Robinson and Carrie usually tags along to all of Sarah’s photoshoots. So I asked Cody to photograph the proposal and he was like hey, let’s make Carrie think this is a photoshoot for her sister and they are just wanting family shots for her portfolio. Which was an epic idea!

So I asked Kimberly Ball about two weeks ago for her permission to marry her daughter and once she agreed I let them in on mine and Cody’s plan and they did great keeping it up. Kim took Carrie to get a new outfit for Sarah’s shoot. Sarah was the one who told Carrie the time and place etc And Carrie had no idea till she turned around the corner and saw me standing on the stage. She thought I was at home taking a nap. Haha. It worked out perfectly and was just a perfect moment. But the whole photoshoot suprise was all Cody’s idea.

Casey and Carrie's Engagement in Hungry Mother State Park (lake amphitheatre)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hungry Mother State Park (lake amphitheatre)

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