Casey and Brandon

How We Met: After I graduated from Image 1 of Casey and Brandoncollege, I moved to middle of no where Bluffton, South Carolina for my first “big girl” job selling advertising for a billboard company. Brandon was the Art Director for the same company. I had a graphic design studio business on the side at the time, so I knew we had a shared interest.

The first time we met, I asked Brandon what types of programs he used to design the billboards, and he went on and on about Adobe Programs. I quickly cut him off saying I know what they are.

He thought I was pretty rude. We fell in love from there. A few months later, I moved to Charleston to pursue my studio full time, and he followed me. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked: We love flying kites at the beach, and I take my own kite everywhere we go so I can get unique photographs of it flying in different places. This has included numerous beaches, mountains, even over a few waterfalls just to get the perfect shot. On that particular Friday, my sister told me she wanted to go fly kites with one of our friends who had just purchased her own kite and needed help putting it together.

I told her every excuse in the book why I didn’t want to go to the beach. It was too hot. I didn’t feel good. I had too much work to do. Finally, she forced me to go. The entire way to the island, she was speeding and I even told her to slow down at one point. When we got to the beach access, I asked her why she didn’t bring a towel since we were at the beach. She just told me she didn’t need one.

Once we got on the sand, I saw Brandon standing down the beach flying his own kite with 15 kites stuck in the sand beside him.

Image 2 of Casey and Brandon

I immediately started crying when I saw that the kites spelled, “Will you marry me?” and his own read, “Marry Me?”

I can’t remember what he said when we got down on one knee, but through so many happy tears I said yes.

Image 4 of Casey and Brandon

He gave me the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen, wiped my tears away, and showed me that my parents who live 100 miles away were waiting there to congratulate us. It was absolutely amazing.

Image 5 of Casey and Brandon

Image 3 of Casey and Brandon

Photos by: Elizabeth Cryan