Casey and Bill

How We Met

We met through mutual friends, we vaguely ever spoke beside the smart comment here or there to each other. I was currently with a boyfriend at the time however when that didn’t work out, we saw each other again months later. We sat and talked for hours the first night and learnt a lot about each other and how we both only ate twisters at KFC and how we both hate butter but like it on toast. From then on we saw each other all the time.

Image 1 of Casey and Bill

how they asked

I have dreamt of travelling my whole life. Bill didn’t have the same dream and wanted us to settle and buy a home. We started the save for a home however I was still caught up in travelling to Europe which Bill had no intention or need to go there. I eventually won the idea to go over and do a tour with my girlfriend before Bill and I settled. My tour took me through all of Europe and I was in awe and also upset that Bill couldn’t be there with me. I hid love letters around the house for each week I was gone and told me weekly where to look.

We had a week in London, I received a message from Bill saying ‘go to Hyde Park in two days near the round pond at 11am’. I wondered what could be there, knowing that Bill had no interest in going over where I was.

I ran through Hyde Park as I was half an hour late with my girlfriend and her partner. I made it and looked up and saw Bill leaning on a tree looking down and worried. I screamed and ran over to him to give him an enormous hug. It was very emotional. He walked me through the Kensington Gardens where he stopped me and said ‘ there was another reason I came here, I wanted to know if you will marry me’. My face fell into my hands as I cried and said yes. Moments after I had to ask him if I said yes or not as I was so caught up. My friend got a brief video and we have kept that private for family and friends.

Bill is not a romantic type and always said he never will be, but when he saw his perfect opportunity to surprise me (I always guess the surprises) he couldn’t resist. We got to spend a week in London and travelled to Scotland before we went home.

He did an amazing job and I believe his story deserves to be spread. <3

Image 2 of Casey and Bill