Casey and Ben

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How We Met

It was Fall 2015 and Ben and I were seniors at Auburn University, both studying Chemical Engineering (well Ben definitely studied). I knew of “Ben” as one of my classmates, but we had never been formally introduced. One day during the career fair that semester (a week long frenzy of applying and interviewing for multiple post-graduation jobs) I saw Ben, dressed to the nines in his perfectly tailored navy blue suit, walking down the stairs at the library (holding a cup of coffee, of course). I thought to myself, “WOW, who is that?” and said “Hi!” and Ben said “Hi” back and that was that.

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A few hours later I walked into the reception area at the career fair to get situated before a job interview and I saw Ben sitting down (I don’t know if I even need to say it at this point….holding a cup of coffee, of course) waiting for his interview. I decided to go sit down by him, eager to chat before my job interview. I introduced myself and we went back and forth with some interview tips, gossip about some of the interviewers and an enthusiastic “Good Luck” before both heading into different interviews. ***I would like to just say that we both received job offers from each of our interviews, so we must have been good luck for each other.*** Later on that day, I received a Facebook message from Ben to continue our pre-job-interview-chat. He (very smoothly) asked for my phone number.

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how they asked

In May 2016, we both graduated from Auburn with Bachelors of Chemical Engineering degrees. I moved to Augusta, GA to start my job and Ben moved to Mobile, AL to start his job. We lived 7 hours apart. We made every effort to see each other on the weekends when we could but it was miserable. (So much driving and so many tearful “see-you-soons.”) By the end of 2016, I had decided enough was enough and I was moving to Mobile, AL. I accepted a new job in Mobile, AL and moved in January 2017. Time flies when you’re having fun and 2017 did just that. Blink to December 2017…Ben and I went on a “week-long-cruise-to-the-Caribbean” with my family. Mid-cruise, on December 20th, 2017, Ben almost gave me a heart attack when he dropped down to one knee aboard the front of the cruise ship at sunset and asked me if I would marry him. You know I said “YES!”

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