Casey and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I officially met for the first time through my best friend and college roommate from Quinnipiac University in March 2012, at his 21st birthday party in Franklin Lakes, NJ. My roommate brought a crew of QU girls to his party at his house New Jersey. We drove all the way from Hamden, CT and I remember seeing him and instantly getting butterflies. We didn’t speak at all throughout the night, and on the way back home to Quinnipiac I kept thinking about him. I never imagined that five years later he would get down on one knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Anyway, life went on. I would see his posts on Instagram of his dog and his jeep and just scroll through thinking, “well I’ll never see him again, that sucks.” Now fast forward two years. Spring 2014. My best friend who originally brought me to his birthday party in 2012 decided she wanted to be a match maker. This time, it was Andrew’s 23rd birthday and we went to AC to lose all of our money. After that, Andrew Macagna, the notorious “homebody” finally decided to venture out of the Franklin Lakes bubble and make a visit to Quinnipiac. To my excitement, there he was- standing on my doorstep after telling me for hours that he wouldn’t be able to come because he had work early in the morning, foreshadowing his constant urge to surprise me. Little did I know that this was the first of many surprises throughout our relationship, each one increasingly more exciting than the next.

On December 25th, 2014 Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend. Then, on July 1st, 2017 he asked me to marry him.

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how they asked

May 2017: Andrew’s mom told me she was throwing a 4th of July party at her shore house and to tell my parents about it/save the date. She also asked me if I could help her create the invitations and the guest list (again, oblivious). To my surprise, the “4th of July” party that she had me creating e-vites for would be the party where Andrew popped the question. Andrew’s mom told us it was just going to be her friends, but Andrew and his brother were allowed to invite 5 friends each. Their list of friends kept expanding, and his mother and him kept getting into fights over this “party.” I would sit there and defend my future mother-in-law, telling Andrew that he was being rude, disrespectful, etc. His brother would ask me, “Can you believe my brother keeps inviting people to my mom’s party? What’s wrong with him!?” Agreeing with my future brother-in-law, I would complain, “He’s getting a drone, photographers, fireworks, a DJ…this kid is out of control, Ant.”

Now to the good stuff…

June 2017: As a teacher, the anticipated month of June (which I’d been counting down for since September) was finally here. It was the end of month, the last day of my first year of teaching in the Bronx. Andrew was already down the shore in Lavallette at his mom’s house in West Point Island getting reading for the “party”. After spending some time with my colleagues, I could not wait to fly down the parkway and get down the shore early for 4th of July weekend. The thrill of completing my 1st year of graduate school and teaching, had me completely off guard. My family was staying in Point Pleasant with my aunt and uncle, so we had plans to go out to dinner that Friday night. Andrew told me he wouldn’t be able to come because he had to set up for the big party. I was livid, and spent a good portion of dinner complaining about how mean it was that he didn’t come because he had to set up for a party that his mom was throwing.

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July 1st, 2017: My family was the first to arrive to the “4th of July Party,” which was shocking to me because my mother is NEVER early for anything. As more people started to arrive, dressed in all white clothing, I was very confused as to how I missed the memo. Still clueless, I pranced around. A few hours into the party, the DJ made an announcement, telling everyone to get together for a group picture. He told everyone to look up towards the roof of the house so the drone could get some shots. Then, all of a sudden Andrew is telling me to turn around and I’m thinking, “Why? We’re taking a picture idiot.” Then, he’s actually serious and telling me, “Case, look in the sky!!!” I turn around, and I’m thinking, “Okay, it’s one of those beach aerial ads flying in the sky. Why is everyone pointing at me and telling me to look? What is that!!?” Still so confused, I look at the banner, look back at Andrew, then look at my mom who is crying. At this point, I read the banner. It said, “Casey you are the <3 of my life will you marry me?”

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I turn around in utter shock to Andrew standing on one knee as some man is singing “Marry Me” by Train on the balcony. Almost dropping my tropical pineapple drink, my sister took it out of my hand as I ‘ugly cried’ and said yes to my best friend.

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