Casandra and Shane

How We Met

Shane and I met through the lovely world of social media ?

I had posted an ad in a local grouo looking for new mommy/daddy friends to go on play dates with as I had just moved to town with my daughter.

I never expected to fall for him. In fact I told him I wouldn’t! We agreed that we were both just looking for a friendship. I had even told my best friend that he wasn’t my type ?

Our friendship blossomed quickly and before long I had indeed fallen for him, and him for me. He said the L word first, I cried. I never expected to find love this pure this quickly… especially after the train wreck of a relationship I had left only months before.

Our kids grew to love each other quickly as well which only made our relationship stronger. We moved in together, the kids started calling each other sisters and brother, and by 6 months into the relationship, I felt more stable and loved than I had in the 6 years prior.

how they asked

It may seem untraditional but I picked out my own ring, and I knew when it got delivered… the torture was waiting for him to actually ask… it felt like an eternity!

I saw cute proposals all over social media and here on how they asked, and gave him LOTS of hints! ?

Then one night, we were talking about it; I jokingly asked him if he was ever going to ask, and I wanted to make sure he still knew where it was. He laughed and said of “course I do!” … but then he couldn’t find It! And he ran through the house panicking!

When he finally found it, he couldn’t wait another second.

He said “that was too close.” .. turned off the tv, got down on one knee and proposed right then and there! There was a bunch of sweet things he said, honestly, I heard “I love you, I want you to be my wife, will you marry me” … but I know there was more, my head was just buzzing with the fact that it was actually happening!

Kids were all asleep, and I was in my pjs. There was no fancy photographer or decorations or dinner… just me and him, real and raw.

I had a HUGE smile and said yes! of course! I didn’t even cry right away, I just remember thinking I felt so complete. I took a picture with my phone and it was sent to my closest friends, even though it was super late!! Then I did some editing and posted it online for everyone else to see the next day.

My truest love, my heart and soul, my sun and stars. <3 time is not a true measure of love, I cannot wait to be his wife. ❤