Casandra and Paul

How We Met

So I am a nurse, and I worked in a primary care doctor’s office. Paul (my fiancé/the groom) was a patient there. He came in one afternoon just for his routine annual physical. That is the day we met. It was a simple and quick appointment and nothing was really said to each other. A few days later he came back into the office and said he just wanted his blood work results. This time he asked one of my coworkers what my name was and if I happened to be single. He came back into the office on multiple occasions over the next 2 months. Finally almost three months after the first meeting, he came back into the office but this time he was only there to ask me out on a date. And the rest was history.

How They Asked

It was a Saturday morning and my sisters and I had planned a little “sisters” photoshoot. Paul left earlier in the morning to go golfing. We all got ready, I dropped my two daughters off with my mom and we headed down to San Clemente beach. We got there and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Raquel started taking pictures of us, while we were taking pictures she started guiding us back into the rock caverns that are situated right on the beach. We got further back when she eventually said okay now one at a time I want you guys to come around this corner, it makes for a great photo. Then she said, Cassie, you’re first. So I started walking towards her slowly while posing and smiling for the pictures- with absolutely no idea what was about to happen.

I got around the bend and saw the most beautiful set up I have ever seen. Then I saw my fiancé walk around the other corner. I turned around in shock to look at my sisters and saw my two sweet daughters running up to us. My fiancé waited until the girls were right with us and he got down on one knee. He told me he loved me and wanted to spend forever with me. He put the most gorgeous ring on my finger.

Casandra and Paul's Engagement in San Clemente Beach, but back in the rock caves

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Then he did something even more special, he gave my daughters necklaces and promised to always love them also. It was so amazing and so beautiful. I was later told by my mom and sisters that he asked my daughter’s permission before he even asked me. Needless to say, they were ecstatic and screamed yes as loud as they possibly could. I can’t wait for forever with this amazing man.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Clemente Beach, but back in the rock caves

Special Thanks

Raquel Knowles
 | Photographer
Mariah Hook
 | Planning
Makenna Hook
 | Planning