Casandra and Nathan

Image 1 of Casandra and Nathan

How We Met

Nate and I are in the same NG (Army) unit and that’s where we first met. He thought I was snobby and didn’t know what I was doing and I thought he was an a-hole. I soon learned that we would be traveling in the same truck together for a two day convoy and figured I might as well get to know him better. I asked him what kind of snacks he would like and got his number so he can text me if he thinks of anything else. That night I texted him and asked if he made it home from drill safe and we just hit it off from there. We texted and texted and then I finally blurted that I liked him. Soon after that we went on our first date and you know those butterflies you get when you like someone ,well..I had them super strong after just our first date. We started hanging out more after that and then Nate met the kids and we made snickerdoodle cookies together. Months went on and we started seeing each other literally every day. In Oct 2019 I found out I was getting deployed the following year. This news although scary made us appreciate each other even more because we knew we wouldn’t see each other for a year. Time started going by super fast and before we knew it , it was already our 1 year anniversary. Soon after that he took me on a date and surprised me at one of my favorite places by getting down on one knee and proposing. I said “yes” of course. After that we went to dinner at the spot where we had our first date, it was seriously like a dream. We originally chose Oct 22, 2022 to get married but decided to change it and make it even sooner. Why wait an extra year,right? Well, that’s our story. We hope you enjoyed it and we can’t wait to celebrate our big day with you!

How They Asked

Nate walked me around the park and then when we got under the pavilion next to the pond he got down on one knee and told me everything he loves about me and then popped the question.