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How We Met

Ari and I met in the latter half of 2015 at our company gym in Boston. We made eye contact regularly, said hello in passing, and enjoyed some brief conversations. But one Friday night, when we were the last two to leave the gym, he approached me and said, “so, in case I need a workout buddy, would you mind if I asked for your number?” Initially, I thought to myself, well he is a Duke grad and I am a UVA grad, so I’m not sure how this ACC rival will pan out. Just kidding! I chuckled, but how could I say no. Fast forward a few days, Ari worked up the courage to ask me on a date where we enjoyed drinks downtown at a local French-esque restaurant called Sonsie. I didn’t know it was possible, but a few vodka pineapples in, it was evident that this would be the first of many future get-togethers.

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On July 14, 2018, Ari asked me to marry him. He is my glass-half-full, my better half, and I couldn’t imagine a life without him.

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