Caryn and Alejandro

How We Met

Alejandro and I met at Church. We had similar friends and ended up hanging around with the same group. After seeing him a few times, I found myself drawn to him. Whenever we’d see one another, even if we went out as a group, we’d find a way to sit with one another or chat to one another. The chemistry was unbelievable. One night he called me asking if I wanted to see a movie with him. He told me it’s not a date, just a casual hangout between friends and I could invite friends along if I wanted to. To me, it was a date. I showed up 45 minutes late to meet him, just me. When he saw that I came alone, he realised it was our first date, too.

how they asked

Alejandro went home to Colombia for a few months, so I had not seen him since August. He told me he was going to arrive on the 9th of December and I was so excited. On Friday a work colleague asked if I want to go out for drinks, I said sure. When we met up we had a few minutes until the reservation she’d booked at the restaurant so we took a walk. When we finally got to the restaurant and ordered our first drink, the waiter came out and said we had been randomly selected to do a blindfolded food tasting and if we guessed all foods right, everything was free. They came over to blindfold us and then I felt someone take my hand. At first I thought they took it to give me the fork, but when I removed to blindfold I realised it was Alejandro! I immediately started crying I was so excited to see him. he then proposed as everyone in the restaurant watched and cheered.