Carter and Alan

How We Met

Thank goodness for the technology age! Alan and I met online in April of 2014 and went on our first date in May. Our first date was a Mexican Restaurant, the second, Bowling (He won one game, I won the other), the third date, takeout! Within 6 months, I had met his family, he had met mine, and we had gone on multiple romantic trips together! The rest is history! :)

Image 1 of Carter and Alan

Image 2 of Carter and Alan

how they asked

So my parents planned an amazing family vacation in France for August of 2015. We decided to take a 3 day trip to the hustle and bustle of Paris. For the months before our vacation, all of my girlfriends kept asking, “Do you think he’s going to propose?” To put all my proposal nerves at ease, my dad told me Alan had not asked for his permission yet. So of course, I expected nothing! 11 days before we were to leave for France, Alan and I went to Robbins Brothers where I found my favorite Halo Engagement Ring! Here’s where the sneakiness begins.

The next night, Alan went back to Robbins Brothers and spent 4 hours purchasing the ring of my dreams! Next was permission from my father. One night, Alan said he was going to dinner with coworkers (actually, my dad) and I thought nothing of it. All of his ducks were in a row, except for the shipment of the ring! He had the ring shipped to his parents’ house in Atlanta so I wouldn’t know that he had purchased it; then, his dad flew the ring to Houston the day before we left for France! All this completed in 11 days! Amazing!

We arrived in Paris on our mini vaca where he told me we had to meet my parents at the Eiffel Tower. We brought a bottle of wine, of course. On our way, we realized we didn’t have a wine opener but I was able to find a souvenir one. Alan was looking for privacy while I was just looking around at the sights! We found a sweet little garden with no one near. We had an incredible view and the privacy Alan was looking for! I also realized we had forgotten a blanket so I asked if I could empty out and sit on his backpack, to which he said no! I was like, okay…. In his mind, he was like, The ring was in there!

We tried to open the bottle of wine but the opener broke! Should’ve known since it was a souvenir! Dad to the rescue, my parents showed up (they were in Paris as well and were having dinner at the Jules Verne) and of course, they brought a wine opener! We opened the bottle and took a few pics. It was at that moment, I felt him shaking and knew something was up. He turned to me and said, “There’s a reason why I brought you here.” Next thing I know, he is on one knee and I am staring at the man of my dreams holding the ring of my dreams in the place of my dreams! It really was Perfection in Paris!

Image 3 of Carter and Alan