Carson and Trevor


How We Met

We met on New Year’s Eve on the Waikiki strip in 2008, when I was 18 and Trevor was 20.  We had this unbelievable connection I knew was bigger than I could realize at the time.  However, life had other plans for us: I was living in Arizona before moving to Hawaii, then he got a girlfriend for a couple years, then when they broke up I entered a year-long relationship after studying abroad.  Finally, in August 2012, I called him late one night camping near where he lived at the time.  It had been 6 months sine I ended my last relationship, and I was hoping he’d finally be single too.  He answered my call after one ring.  The next day, we went on our second “first” date.  In hindsight, our relationship probably would not have worked out if we had started dating when we first met.  We needed to experience life, mistakes, growing up, and heartbreaks.  When we finally did get together, it felt as though we had finally arrived at home.  A week before our 4 year anniversary, Trevor proposed in the ocean across from where we live together.

how they asked

Early Saturday morning, 1 week before our 4 year anniversary, Trevor dragged me out of bed and told me he wanted us to jump in the ocean at Shark’s Cove to start our rainy day.  Since this is normal, Trevor being spontaneous and all, I didn’t think much of it and agreed sleepily despite wanting to sleep in.  We jumped off the rocks and swam through a few caves with good visibility and almost no other people.  We ended up swimming into the Blue Room, from the outside, to end our morning dive.  When we popped up inside the reef, surrounded by flowers, he told me how much me loved and and asked me to marry him.  This weekend was whirlwind and I can’t believe I’m saying this but, we’re engaged!

Our Video

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