Carson and Shima

How We Met

Carson & I met while I was training for the World Championships in Wakeboarding. While training I dislocated my shoulder and in order to compete in the competition, my doctor ordered physical therapy. Carson was not only my physical therapist but I owe my second place trophy to him. If it wasn’t for him I would have never been able to compete. After I returned from Abu Dhabi where the competition took place I asked Carson out for a drink to celebrate and that’s when I fell for him. Our first official date was a Miami Heat Game which Carson invited me to.

Carson and Shima's Engagement in Italy

how they asked

Carson and I have been together for 5 years, this past summer we went on a trip through Italy. At our third city, Portovenere, Carson told me that one of his patients had referred a restaurant on the other side of the island and we would need to go by ferry boat. He mentioned that the restaurant was fancy and asked me to wear something nice. A couple hours before sunset we walked down to the dock where a small boat picked us up. I was admiring all the beautiful sailboats when we slowed down close to one. I asked what was going on and Carson told me that the ferry boat was a sailboat. We started to sail north and I told Carson that I think we are going to sail past Manarola which is the city I’m always showing him pictures of. He asked the crew if we could stop by Manarola and take some photos.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Italy

As we approached Manarola he asked if I wanted to go up to the front of the sailboat to get a better look at the gorgeous views. When we got to the front of the boat Carson got down on one knee to my surprise and reached into his coat pocket and proposed with the most beautiful custom engagement ring from Haimov Jewelers in Miami, FL. When I said yes the crew brought up champagne and roses and one of the crew members had been taking photos of us discreetly the entire time!!! I then found out that Carson had planned this magical experience with help from Proposal Planners The One Romance and had been planning it for months beforehand.

Proposal Ideas Italy

Carson's Proposal in Italy

I couldn’t have asked for a more magical proposal.

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