Carson and Cait along the Reservoir

hands kiss written newHow they met: Some stories have grand beginnings, with fireworks and sparklers. But this one simply began at a biology class in college. A friendship turned into a crush. And it did not take Carson long to realize that he wated to spend all his days with Cait. He is the kind of guy that knows how to take care of a girl. He knows that engagement means commitment, and that marriage is not a joke. So he waited until the right time to propose, when he would be ready to provide for his wife. The wait was hard, but it only made them stronger.


how they asked: Carson is the youngest of four brothers. All his brothers are married and all of them proposed by a body of water. He wanted to follow their footsteps so he kept the family tradition.¬†It was a beautiful sunny day at Long Arm Reservoir in Hanover Pennsylvania and the water was glistening with the sun rays. Carson’s best friend was hiding behind the trees with a guitar in his hand ready to play their song, “Forever like That” by Ben Rector. Cait thought that this was going to be a special dinner and boy was she wrong!

Soon Carson pulls out a Tiffany box with a necklace with her new initials. Hands to mouth! Gasp! This is it!

He gets down on one knee and from them its all hugs, yeses, kisses, and giggles.

Their song starts to play and this is their moment, the moment to take it all in, to slow it down, and to get used to that sparkly ring. Carson had a picnic table by the water with strawberry champagne. As the sun set, they toasted to their journey as two. In May, Carson and Cait will get to say I do with family and friends.

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Photos and story by Fogarty Photography