Carson and Austin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Austin’s Family Farm

How We Met

Austin and I had many mutual friends growing up but never really got to know each other super well. We both moved on, dated other people for long periods of time, and never could find what seemed like the right time to go on a date. Flash forward to many years later, Austin was working away from our home state of South Carolina in West Virginia and randomly texted me one day just asking how I was doing. We reconnected and the rest was history. From that moment on, we were inseparable. We did long distance while Austin was working all over the country and I was finishing up my senior year of college at Florida State University. We knew pretty early on that what we had was unique and special. In fact, he sent his sister a photo of me before we even starting dating with a caption of, “Want to see your future sister-in-law?” About a year and a half later, he made good on that statement. After graduating college and getting a job back in our home town, I sensed a proposal was coming but didn’t know exactly when or how.

How They Asked

Austin and I spend a lot of time on his family farm doing upkeep—anything from feeding the cows, bushhogging the fields, or fixing the fences. I wasn’t raised on a farm, so learning about his passion was something that was important to me very early on. I enjoy Lilly Pulitzer and dressing up, so this relaxed, easy-going way of life was something very different for me. He gave me a pair of steel-toed work boots for Christmas and slowly started transitioning me to Wranglers and T-shirt’s. On a Friday afternoon, we were doing all our same old chores when Austin suggested I cut the field while he sat in the shade and watched. This was nothing new, it was a warm SC day and he knows how much I love to be in the sun. I was riding along on the tractor finishing up on the field, when he posted this picture on Facebook. I didn’t have my phone on me so I didn’t see it. He asked me to get into the Polaris and ride around and look at the farm since it was almost sunset (my favorite time of day). He stopped in the middle of this gorgeous open field right across the house he will one day inherit, and right beside his sister’s house. He asked me to get out and “look at something.” I was taking it all in—the sun coming through the clouds, the smell of the farm, and how lucky I was to be in that moment with him when he pulled me close and I noticed how fast his heart was beating. He began by telling me how much this place meant to him, and how one day we’ll be sitting on that front porch together, looking out at this beautiful view. And then he said “in this place that we will share together, at your favorite time of day, there is no one else I could imagine going through every season with. You are my best friend, the most beautiful woman in the world. Will you marry me?” I tackled him screaming YES!! And his brother-in-law started whooping from across the field. It was the perfect surprise on an otherwise regular day.

Carson and Austin's Engagement in Austin’s Family Farm