Alex and Carson

How We Met

Carson and I met in May 2018. I was a member at a new co-working space and he was the electrician finishing up his job at the new space. The community director of the co-working space asked if I thought Carson was cute? And I immediately said yes! Carson got my phone number and texted me the next day asking if I’d like to go on a date. And again, I immediately said yes!

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We went to a local draft house where we had dinner, played pool, arcade basketball games, jenga and talked more at the end of night. It was a perfect date that we love reminiscing on because there was not one awkward moment. It was like we were old friends catching up! We were going to back at co-working space the next day and we ended up hanging out on a roof top the next night. We have been with each other every day since our first date.

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How They Asked

It was Mother’s Day and I was headed to Dallas with my mom, sister, my two nieces, and my two cousins. My mom wanted to go to a place called Candytopia that she’s been begging me to go to. Seriously! We live an hour outside of Dallas so we went to Candytopia then we had an early dinner, walked to CVS, shopped around at Nordstroms and HomeGoods. By this point, I was ready to head back home. But everyone around me was moving SO slow. We were headed back and literally just got on the road and my sister had to go to the bathroom? I think everyone literally spent 30 minutes in that gas station. Once we finally got back on the highway, my sister was driving like 10 mph under the speed limit. I was so confused about why no one is ready to go home! Haha. THEN, my dad called wanting us to get him some fast food and I swear we spent an hour waiting for food (exaggerate much?). In my mind, I thought “omg what if IT is happening today?” So I started to freshen up my make up but wouldn’t admit that I had a feeling it was coming. Well, the sun was going down and I was bummed because I knew Carson wouldn’t do this when it was dark outside! Then we FINALLY are driving up my parents’ driveway…..

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Alex's Proposal in On Bride's parents land

All I see is the people I love lined up on my parents’ driveway holding a flower and at the end of the line is Carson waiting on me. I burst into tears, obviously. Everyone in the line handed me their flower then I sped walked over to my future fiancé! Carson said some of the sweetest things but let’s be real… I kind of blacked out because I was freaking out!!!! Haha! He proposed and we got to celebrate the night with everyone we care so much about. It was such a perfect night!

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Turns out, Carson spent the whole entire day setting up our proposal. He put all the lights up (the great thing about marrying an electrician) and he planned everything so perfectly. I can’t wait to marry James Carson!

Special Thanks

Rachel Fish