Carsen and Florent

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How We Met

Florent and I met through my boss (shout out, Marie!) at a work happy hour the very same day I deleted all dating apps from my cell phone because I wanted a break from dating. The irony! We had a great time, but I left that night without saying goodbye or trading any information with Flo. The next day I woke up to a text from him, and our first date was late that night at a french restaurant. Flo was born in France so he knew he could swoon me by speaking french and ordering the best Bordeaux. At that time in his life, Flo was recovering from a war injury at Walter Reed National Hospital, so our love grew quickly over a lot of healing and support. I met him in October- I was in love with him by Christmas.

how they asked

Florent took me to the United States Botanic Garden under the guise it was an event for his work. This is par for the course, so I didn’t think anything of it. Once we arrived, Flo seemed a bit out of character and I suspected something was up. We walked around the beautiful gardens for a bit, and finally reached a spot where we stopped and he became a bit nostalgic. I was completely swept up in the moment, and while he was on his knee, I knelt down with him and completely interrupted his proposal. But of course, my answer was yes.

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The best part of the evening is when we returned to our condo after dinner, he surprised me with 20 of our closest friends and family who had come in from all across the country. I completely lost it when I saw my family and best friends from college. We poured champagne all night and I don’t ever remember being so happy.

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