Carrie and Trey

how we met

We met in high school when his guardian was my Dual Enrollment Sociology teacher. It was a small class, so we came to her house occasionally to hang out. I met him there, but I wasn’t interested at the time (he likes to think I was).

how they asked

Trey told me about this work dinner happening in March at La Belle Helene, an upscale French restuarant in Charlotte. He told me about it over two months prior. I was a little suspicious because he never tells me plans that far in advance, but I didn’t want to overthink it too much. The week of the proposal, I was sick from traveling and I wasn’t sure if I could make this dinner, but Trey was saying I should at least try to make it for drinks at the restaurant. Luckily, I was feeling better the day of the dinner and wanted to go. Trey called an Uber from my place and the Uber driver said, “So we’re going to Romare Bearden Park?” I wasn’t quite sure how to respond since that was not our destination. Trey said yes and then said to me, “I thought we could go there before dinner since you said you wanted to get pictures while we’re dressed up.” The whole ride there I felt like this was the big moment, but I was trying not to hype it up too much in my mind. We were already running late for this dinner, so if there was actually a dinner, there was no way Trey would choose to make us even more late by going to take pictures. We walk through the park and I said, “Who should we ask to take our picture?” He looks around (AKA he is trying to find his friend that was taking our pictures), and then asks a young woman who was snapping photos on a nice camera of someone else. He gave her his phone to take our picture. We take a normal picture, and then he turns to me and grabs my hands and says, “This is where we took our first picture together, and I thought it would be the perfect place to ask you to spend our lives together.” Then he got on a knee and pulled out the ring! After I cried and stared at the ring for a bit, he reminded me that we still had the work dinner to get to. We were rushing walking to the restaurant and I said, “well I have to tell someone!” so I called my mom and told her. She said she knew it was happening that day and she was so happy for us. I asked if my dad was there, and she said he was out of town for a basketball game. I told her I was walking into the restaurant so I had to go. As we walk in, Trey says, “I have another surprise for you.” We walk to the back of the restaurant where both of our families are waiting for us. I was completely surprised by this, as they live four hours away from us. It was perfect.

Special Thanks

Amanda Moss Photography
 | Photography
Romare Bearden Park
 | Location