Carrie and Steven

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how they asked

I went to work on July 7th like it was any other Friday. On my desk was a bundle of Happy Birthday balloons and an envelope. A little confused because my birthday is July 26th, I opened the envelope and it was from my boyfriend (Steven). It was a note saying that this was an early birthday surprise, that he already arranged for me to have the day off and that it was a day for us to spend together, but that I wouldn’t be seeing him right away. Inside was also a riddle explaining I’d be sent on a scavenger hunt. My first stop was where we met. When I arrived a friend who works there held the next riddle, which instructed me to go to our house that we just bought together the week prior. I got home and there was a clue that told me to dress up and to put something on I’d be comfortable taking a picture in. And the next riddle that hinted for me to go to a place where we enjoy our favorite hobby, the movie theater. After getting dolled up, I went to our favorite theater and I saw his brother in the parking lot with another balloon and my last clue; which hinted for me to go to where we had our first date. When I arrived Steven was waiting with an “X marks the spot” treasure map, a bouquet of flowers, and a thick piece of ribbon. He said he didn’t realize the place was closed, but he still set up a picnic on the porch. He wanted the look of it to be a surprise, so he blindfolded me with the ribbon. He led me through the parking lot. He told me to wait for a second at the end of the stairs and when he got to the porch he had me remove my blindfold. There were candles, lanterns, an aisle lined with pebbles, and sunflowers everywhere, but also as I shifted my eyes to the corner of the porch there was our parents and my sister and brother. That’s when I realized what today had really been about, causing instant tears. He told me to walk towards him and when I did he explained how much he loves me, that I’ve made him a better man, and he can’t imagine life without me. He then got to one knee and next thing I know I had a stunning ring on my finger that meant forever with the love of my life. We all then went to lunch and there he surprised me once again with a weekend away together. There’s not a single detail of this moment or the weekend that I would change; I mean my best friend and the love my life just asked me to be his wife!

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