Carrie and Richard

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How We Met

During my birthday party in 2011, a friend of mine brought his friend who worked half of the year here in Phoenix, and the other half in IL, he was in town for just a few more weeks, so although I thought he was cute and funny, I did not pay him much attention as I thought there really wasn’t any reason for me to get to know him; we became Facebook friends and went on with our lives. Fast forward 2 years, and the same friend was having a party, and guess who was in town, we started chatting and spent the entire night making sure we didn’t get out of each others sight. Later in the evening, he said that he was trying to look me up before the party, so that at could do some “light stalking” to see if I was available, to which I had to admit to him that during a Facebook friend purge, I unfriended him, thinking that I was never going to see him again. Just like last time, he was only in town for another few weeks, but this time we made the most of it, and spent the entire weekend together. He left, and we agreed to keep the momentum going, and continue a casual long distance “get to know each other” kinda thing. A few months went by, and we were talking every night on the phone for hours, and texting every day. My birthday was around the corner, and unbeknownst to me, he planned an entire birthday getaway for the 2 of us, and it was that weekend we made it official. After a few years of dating long distance, he made the permanent move to AZ and hasn’t looked back.

how they asked

We had an epic trip to Maui planned with 3 other couples for a few 40th birthdays. I am a runner, and when we travel, we like to do morning runs, and explore on foot, it helps to take in the beauty and get a better appreciation of where we’re visiting. There was one particular spot on our run that I thought was just breathtaking, and every morning when we got to that spot, I would stop for a few moments and appreciate it. On the morning of the proposal, I didn’t want to go on our run, I wanted to lounge in bed and walk to get coffee. I began texting with the other girls I was with saying how rude it was for Richard to make me go, and that I was going to sit this one out. Little did I know, they were both in on it, and encouraged me to get my lazy ass out of bed and just do it. To torment him for making me run, I forced him uphills, made him run faster than he’d like, and added extra miles. We came upon the spot I loved, with the gorgeous view and that’s where he dropped to one knee, to my surprise, he was not dying because of the extra hard run, he was proposing! It was truly us!

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