Carrie and Patrick

How We Met

I went to high school with a girl who became a close friend throughout those years. Patrick was friends with this guy all through high school. That girl and guy (Jess and Clark) started dating. So I had heard different things about Patrick. Then one day in September, he sent me a friend request and Jess told me to add him, so I did. Nothing happened for about 5 months besides liking each other’s stuff here and there. Then in February, while I was in The midst of binge-watching greys anatomy, I was texting with Jess about hair. Next thing I knew, Patrick sent me a Facebook message and Jess sent me a message responding about hair and ended it with, “oh, by the way, Patrick is going to message you.” Little did I know those 3 were together right then. Guess it all went good because we meet up for the next 3 weeks. Our first date was a double date to Chinese. Then a couple of weeks later, and talking every day, he asked me out while stargazing in his truck.

How They Asked

It all started in March 2016. The year before I received a friend request on facebook. I was told to add him because my friend was dating his friend. We never talked, just like each other’s posts every now and then. Come to find out a few months later my friend and his would set us up on a double date. We hit it off and have been going strong since. December 2018 my family went on a Las Vegas trip over my birthday. We were taking a family photo in front of the Las Vegas sign. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Then my boyfriend went to give the photographer his phone to take our picture. They were taking forever! Little did I know, Patrick was telling the photographer he was going to propose. So we of course took a casual picture and then a silly, and next thing I knew Patrick started talking and was down on one knee.

With the beautiful scenery as the background, a great, hilarious, understanding photographer, my family in awe and of course the line of people wanting to take a photo by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. We are planning for a 2020 wedding right know so by then we will be together for 4 years. It was quite the birthday surprise and terrific place to have it unfold!