Carrie and Nick

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how we met

We met one weekend in Charleston. He was in the Army at Fort Brag and I was in pharmacy school at MUSC. He came down one weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and that’s when we met! We love to go hiking and spend a lot of our free weekends doing that. We spend a lot of time outside whether it’s running, playing fetch with Easton, or going for walks. Our old person side likes to explore farmers markets and antique stores. Two years later, he proposed on the same weekend that we met…

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how they asked

It was the weekend in January that we had a winter storm, aka, maybe an inch of snow. He kept saying that Friday night we were going hiking in the morning. I told him no, the roads would be too bad to get to Caesars head (our favorite hiking spot in Greenville). Him being from Connecticut obviously wasn’t impressed by our southern “winter storm”, he kept pushing the idea. When I woke up that Saturday morning he basically had everything packed and ready to go already. I told him we didn’t have snow plows in the south and the roads would be too bad, especially the winding mountain roads. He convinced me we’d make it because he’s used to driving in the snow and he has four wheel drive on his exterra.

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The roads were drivable until we got to the mountain. You couldn’t even see the road, much less where the edge was on the side of the mountain. He started up the mountain, completely ignoring my protests. We were sliding all over the road, I just sat on my hands and prayed we wouldn’t slide off the side of the mountain. We made it to the first outlook (bald rock) and he decided we’d gone far enough. We walked out on the rock and it was beautiful! We took a few pictures and I realized I left my gloves in the car and my hands were freezing, so I went back to get them. When I came back he said he wanted one more picture so I agreed.

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He said he needed to get his gloves out of his backpack first though. He was taking forever to get his gloves then started walked to me extra slowly. I almost yelled for him to hurry up, but when he got closer I noticed a box in his hand and realized what was about to happen.

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He got down on one knee, and I honestly can’t tell you much of what he said, it was all a big blur. I just know that I said yes!

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