Carrie and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met on April 7, 2013 at a happy hour that our wonderful friend, Tricia, asked us to. We bonded over who could win a game of over-sized Jenna. You could say it was “like at first sight” ?! The next day, he called (very rare!) to ask me out and a few days thereafter we went on our first date at a local dive place, Milo’s. You could say the date went well as it was six hours and he asked (gentleman right?) to kiss me at the end of the evening! I was a bit worried because I was leaving for Thailand the very next day for eight days so I didn’t know if the “spark” would still be there when I got back. Fast forward nine days and he cooked a wonderful Italian dinner for me (since he knew I would be jetlagged, so sweet!).Triple threat: Michael is Intelligent, a GREAT cook and oh so handsome!

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how they asked

Back story: Michael loves to wake me up every morning (even on weekends) at the crack of dawn. I definitely require more sleep ? than he does and spout at not so nice comments but he continues to show his love via his internal alarm clock. We were celebrating our four year anniversary in Belize! He definitely caught me by a great surprise as I was told (the proposal) will happen “in the fall”. … The first morning at 530 AM, he woke up me up and asked “How did you sleep?”. I said “Let me sleep!” He proceeded with “Can I ask you another question? … Will you be my wife?” I opened my eyes and the beautiful ring ? was right there. It was very us: private, thoughtful and special!

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