Carrie and Matthew

Carrie's Proposal in Disneyland Paris in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

Matthew and I are currently living in Salt Pake City, Utah. Were both huge Disney fans and I love Harry Potter. I had bought tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as soon as they first became available in 2015. The tickets were for October 2016. We never plan any kind of trip because we fly standby so it all depends on the flights. But we planned this one, Way in advance. It was our big trip!! Starting in London for the play. Continuing up to Edinburgh Scotland and the to Disneyland Paris for the finale. It’s was our last day of the trip. It was freezing and we had just spent an hour waiting for the last show at the castle. We had scored really good seats on the side and were comfy snuggling to keep warm. The show started and was amazing. Afterwards I didn’t want to leave because it’s my favorite park and it was the end of our amazing trip. So after the show he suggested just sitting on a park bench right in front of the castle. It had completely cleared out in front of the castle. The park was closed and everyone was leaving. That’s when he turned to me and pulled my grandmas ring out. I was in shock. He asked me to be the Flynn Ryder to His Rapunzel(inside joke, he works in a tower). I said yes!! At least I’m pretty sure I said yes!! I at least nodded behind my happy tears!! I couldn’t have imagined a better proposal. Nothing more magical. It was just us at our favorite Disney park in front of my favorite castle. So then we had to snap a selfie since no one else was around!!