Carrie and Kevin

How We Met

We met at work in a casino on his birthday actually. The staff did a birthday celebration for him and I, a stranger, held up a sign for him. This came to be our first picture together! Little did we know that we would become so close. After Kevin left work at the casino, we began to date and create a beautiful life, move in together, and rescue a fur baby.

how they asked

I knew the engagement would be coming up but I was completely shocked the moment it began. Sunday afternoon my mom and I went to lunch to plan our upcoming NYC trip. After, when she dropped me off and came inside the house I didn’t think anything of it. I saw Kevin wasn’t home and settled in on the couch. I look down on the table and there it was! A recipe of love book on the table wrapped in twine. I kept asking my mom “what is this?!”. She could only reply with, “Today is the day!!”. When I opened the book inside lay “A Welcome Letter to Your Future.” I found myself immersed in a half hour of finding clues and keys, solving riddles, and decoding lock numbers. I couldn’t stop shaking as my mom followed me running around the house taking pictures.

Every clue was centered around the intricacies of our relationship. The things we like, the places we’ve traveled to, our inside jokes. Nobody could solve this escape room but me! My last clue was to decipher the place where Kevin fell in love with me. There was no need! I already knew! I counted the number of letters just to make sure!

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Carrie and Kevin's Engagement in Birch Grove Park Northfield, NJ

I am so amazed at the creativity and time it took Kevin to do this. I definitely underestimated his attention to detail!! I was simply blown away. For him to include my mom seamlessly was a special touch I’ll never forget. Here’s to becoming Moore!

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My mom rushed me out the door and off we went to our park. When we pulled up, Kevin was sitting on a bench facing the lake. I was so nervous. Kevin was wearing his Ellie badge from the movie UP. During my proposal escape room, I had gotten a matching one with our saying “I’ll always have your six” on the back. The pins meant we were part of a club now. Kevin said a beautiful speech and asked me to be his wife while my mom took pictures then ran away to give us time together.